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 Hello, Friends,

The upcoming 2020 Election is likely to be the most significant that any of us has ever seen.  Our country is challenged by political, racial, and economic strife coupled wih an unprecedented pandemic.  These situations touch us all on a daily basis and make it imperative that you make your voice heard by VOTING!  

I am faced with an opponent with no real qualifications for the job but has the backing of the Democratic Committee.  I bring to this race, a long history of public service and actual experience doing the job of County Board Representitive and Forest Preserve Commissioner.  As you will see in the Bio page, I've served on virtually every standing committee on the Board and acted as Chairman of many. If you will read forward to the News and Views page, you will see what I have accomplished on each committee along with a description of what those committees do.  My opponent would do well to review this information as he has absolutely no working knowledge of county government.  Rather, he is hoping to ride a "Blue Wave" onto the Board and be totally unprepared to serve.

I am proud to report that I have been part of a ;Board that has held the line on the county portion of your taxes over the past 7 years.  We have operated with a balanced budget in Kane County while the Springfield Democrats have plunged the State deeper into debt and disfunction.  We simply cannot allow that to occur here in Kane County.

I stand for balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility and I have backed that with action and results.  I have been a part of a board that has protected over 22,000 acres of open space for our future and the futures of our grandchildren.  And, it is important to note that open space is a true protection against increasing taxes.  I stand for ecolocigal responsibilty and understand the vital importance of a clean and safe water supply.  I support our public health and public safety departments which are critically important during this difficult time.  

I say "NO" to the "Fair Tax" Amendment that would crush small businesses with an increase in taxes of up to 50% and without doubt, raise taxes on all of us.  My opponent supports this Tax increase as he tows the line with the folks in charge in Springfield.  This would be a disaster for those of us in Kane County who practice fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.

I do not support the addition of a County Administrator who would come with a six-figure salary.  I support letting the County Board Chairman do their job with the salary that has already been budgeted for our top executive.  Of course, my opponent supports this expenditure because he and his colleagues have never seen one of your hard-earned dollars that they don't want to wastefully spend.

In conclusion, this is a battle for our way of life in Kane County.  We are planning for a bright future for chlldren and grandchildren.  Please ensure that I can help you do that by VOTING!  Please be sure to vote all the way down your ballot.  The local races like mine are about the issues that touch you and yours every day.

Thanks for your time,





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